Krishnakriti Festival

Client: Prshant Lahoti
Period: 2015 to 2018
Creative: Social Media, Website, Event management, Conducting art competitions

About: The Krishnakriti Foundation has been engaged in non-profit activities for the upliftment of the artist community and promotion of rare forms of art and culture of India. The cultural extravaganza agglomerates eminent artists in art and culture and literary stalwarts to showcase their finest achievements to the denizens and guests of Hyderabad.The festival conducts workshops, seminars, panel discussions, plays, book readings, screenings and concerts that appeal to a wide range of age and interests.

WordPress platform was extensively used to showcase, promote and conduct the cultural fest. For example, we linked the event notifications with known search engines like Google to provide better visibility and promotion. End-to-end solution for yearly scholarship examination was provided for centralised collection of candidate information and relaying them to the jury members.